Log house «Princely»

(cost for 1 hour)

Princely - one of the largest log cabins in our complexes. Be ready to relax with a cheerful company, because you will definitely not be bored with us.

On the ground floor, a luxurious living room awaits you, where you can freely organize a table for 30 people. In addition, you can find a place for a dance floor.

In the outdoor pool, with an area of 8 sq. m.you get right out of the log house, after swimming in which you can warm up well in the Russian steam room, heated with birch wood. If you want a variety, you will also find an Oriental hammam or an outdoor font!

The area of the log house is 500 sq m. The area of the courtyard is 100 sq m.
dance floor with light music and professional equipment.
The log house also has a Russian bath and a hammam.


Russian billiards
Oak font
Carved gazebo on the street

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